The Day The World Changed

Wave upon beautiful, powerful wave crashed onto the glistening Mexico toe happy sand just out our spectacular balcony view.

It was to be 2 weeks of a much needed holiday.

The luxuries of the trip were many, but the only English channels afforded us were a total of 2 news channels. So for the duration of the 2 weeks, when not enjoying our beautiful holiday, news of the US Primary and Super Tuesday dominated the screen.

And then…

Just as quickly as the crashing waves outside our balcony room would turn… The invisible imposter started taking center stage…

The Day The World Changed.

It was a new day.

As the belly of the plane touched down on home soil a few weeks later… The world was on a path of change, the likes of which no one had ever seen.

The World had changed.

I knew then, my Germany flight booked for only days from then, was not to be. A change. But not as big as what was happening around the world.

And so it began.

The Day the World changed.

But in the days and weeks that followed, I reminded myself of some of the things that had not changed.

The small birds, happily singing me into my dad’s manor as they had always done from thier home in the cluster of Evergreens just outside the door… not changed.

The gentle hug my dad still gave me with the usual complimentary pat on my head as he had done since I’d been a little girl… not changed.

The VHS home movies made lovingly by my sweet grandma at least a quarter a Century ago, reminding us of the “good old days”… not changed.

The days of my grandchildren bustling through my front door, throwing thier little arms tightly around my neck, dotted with ever so soft butterfly kisses…. not changed.

Words written in some of my most coveted books including my Bible, I now had more time for… not changed.

Pulling out one of my favourite somma borscht recipes, aroma drifting as usual from the large stock pot… not changed.

The coveted titles of wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend… still mine… not changed.

The choice I had to find a sparkle in everyday…every moment.. . not changed.

The beautiful harvest moon shining in the midnight sky followed by a beautiful sun peaking through my bedroom window the next morning, making its debut as it always had since the beginning of time…. not changed.

My love for my family and friends in the midst of a new day… not changed.

And as my eyes fell sleepily late into the nights in my quiet times with my God, my Rock… He reminded me gently…

nothing had changed.

His unending, perfect unimaginable love that He promised would cast out ALL fear…. Even now…not changed…. the day the World changed.

Nothing had changed amidst the constant barrage of breaking news updates in red, flashing across the screens daily.

We the world needed HOPE as always… nothing has changed.

Hope of a friend who promises to be closer than a brother, closer then our breath at all times, amidst the threat of the unseen enemy pulling us all physically apart…. not changed.

I’m reaching out more and more these days to a promised strong right hand who has promised He will not let me/us.. His children, stumble and fall in the MIDST… of all that has changed.

HE has not changed.

He promises PEACE that passes ALL understanding, today and EVERYDAY

Not changed .

Today I encourage you to open the eyes of your heart, and daily see the things that have NOT changed in your life that keep your spirits high and grateful.

But above all, I pray I… you… experience the ROCK❤️… The HOPE of the ONE who does NOT change in the midst of…

The Day the World Changed.

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