Precious Letters…”With Love… Always”

Goodbyes seemed like the end.

It was the 1940s… they were the end.

Or so it seemed in their aching hearts.

Hopelessness of perhaps never seeing the ones they so loved this side of Heaven again.

Her… him… a sister… a mother… a father… All sailing for another land that may as well have been another planet.

It was my grandma’s experience as she said farewell with long, lingering hugs and tears no doubt with those she loved so dear.

The hope of a thread of connection lay in the “onion thin”, expensive airplane paper as it was dubbed in those years.

It was hope.

Decades later, that same onion thin paper was her thread of connection with her daughter, across the miles, deep in the bowels of South America. Again… seemingly planets away.

The nightly ache was only soothed perhaps by the love of her family living on this side of the world and her seemingly unshakable faith in her God whom she loved and trusted… even when the “onion thin” paper was the only connection.

Prayers for her daughter nightly took the focus off of her longing heart.

She trusted. Trusted in His plan for her daughters life.

And then… It happened.

A shrill ring coming from the black 70s wall phone, living just above grandpas trusty vintage rocking chair , where his daughter had rocked securely on his lap many many years before, demanded all time stand still.

Her simmering stew on the stove… Off.

The vintage radio relaying the local news, sitting on the dining room hutch, which had traveled across the ocean many more years ago… off.

All distractions chased away for this coveted moment in time.

It was something my young heart witnessed with a sense of awe as everyone I held dear to me was but a short comfortable ride away in my dad’s 66 “Merc”. No onion thin paper was needed to meet with those I loved so dearly.

Memories of those times are many decades behind me/them now. Yet they somehow remind me of my journey through the Bible. Winding roads taken, mountain tops, valleys, and every step in between sometimes feeling planets away from my God …leaning on every word written on the “onion thin” paper that made up my first Bible… A precious gift from my mom and dad at the age of 13.

Reading and rereading the “precious letters” from the One who writes the best letters ever.

And then… it happened.

The “call”… clear connection, as some revelation of His Word “rung” in my ears and deep in my heart….clearer than all the Words I’d been reading perhaps for months by then.

It was a moment to cherish greatly.

All distractions… Off.

Music… Off.

Stove top supper… Off.

All distractions chased away to focus on this special coveted time of clear connection… Hearing….listening….revelation that would guide me in my journey in this life.

These coveted letters as I’ve been told, are now tucked away carefully long after my grandma has gone to Heaven….now face to face…having a crystal clear connection with those on the other side of the 1940s onion thin paper.

The memories of those coveted years of communication and special phone calls on that 1970s black wall phone, will always remain a treasured piece in my heart, reminding me of the ultimate letters in His Word, and the clear revelations… The “calls”… He gives us, longing to connect with us.

Be excited.

Excited for His ultimate precious letters to you…hope… signed..

“With love… ALWAYS” ❤️