The Walk

A number of years back, I was enjoying a beautiful walk in the majestic autumn in all of its splendor down backroads in my little hometown.

The curled up multicolor red, brown and yellow fallen leaves created a beautiful carpeted walk that crunched beneath my feet as I strolled down the path. The gentle but intentional bursts of the crisp autumn air encouraged those leaves already holding on only by a prayer it seemed to soar gently in different directions as they eventually found the carpeted path.

My senses tingled, being very much alive as I continued down the windy path. I had always loved these crisp autumn days since I was a very young child. My heart was tuning in with God as nature…His paint brush, always tended to focus it in that direction.

As I gazed up at the fall sky past the now blackened autumn trees once full of summertime leaves, I felt a question rising in my heart…

“Where are you in my life today?.. in this moment?”

Thoughts of life as it was, passed in short vignettes through my mind, spurring the question. And then is if He could read my heart…

because He can.. He gently but clearly impressed in me;

The wind you cannot see moves these leaves in many different directions. You may not see me, but the leaves that get blown in many different directions are as a result of prayers that have come my way. And yet those days when you simply had nothing left to pray, my spirit had blown things in certain directions purely because I love you so incredibly much.

And speaking of that, I want you to stop trying to love me so much and just let ME love you first. It’s then you will find rest and love Me in return as was always the plan. and knowing my heart will help you see when the leaves seem to fall where they shouldn’t.”

Your walk through the trees on your many paths of your life will become so much more peaceful as you learn to know where I am… and who I am to you.”

I kept walking, overwhelmed with what my heart was hearing. Though some circumstances in life may have looked cold and dark as the blackened autumn trees my eyes were beholding, I felt a sense of comfort knowing that I could rest in that beauty of an autumn day in my life knowing that the falling leaves are not to be feared as the wind of the Holy Spirit, though unseen, knew exactly where they had landed on the path.

Where was He?

He was there.

Always had been.

No matter if the silence was deafening at times and knowing He wanted to love me first was almost too much.

In the path of the darkened trees silhouetted against the autumn, the beautiful multicolored brown, yellow and red leaves blowing where ever they may be in every season of my life… Knowing who was on the path with me and His heart towards me,

I could start to enjoy the journey…

The walk.

3 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. Reading this today the words “ I want you to stop trying to love me so much and just let ME love you first.“ really hit me. I’m trying so hard to hear God and to prove that I love him that maybe I need to just trust in his love for me. Thank you for sharing!

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