The End Zone

Finding our seats among thousands of fans in the Winnipeg stadium a number a years ago, the sights and sounds that accompanied a Grey Cup enveloped me and my friends as our excitement mounted. Free tickets added to our already excited minds.

Staring down into the field from our amazing VIP seats, it just couldn’t get any better. The toss..the whistle, the kick… bodies colliding from every angle, all forces to be reckoned with in all the unforgiveness of the pursuit.

Then, just as all seemed done, the quarterback emerged from the pile running the field at top speed.. the 10, the 20, now the 30… 99 grueling yards across the field over the touchdown line with the coveted pigskin wrapped tight in a literal football hold tucked tight to his chest, players falling by the way as his free arm plowed a path.

The crowd exploded. The quarterback performed his personal well-rehearsed victory dance. It was all so deafening from where I sat.

What a celebration.

This scene brought me back to a picture long hidden in my heart many years back. I was drowning under a pile of bodies getting tackled, battered and bruised from every side… picture of my life and that “ball season”.

Then out of nowhere it seemed God picked me up and tucked me close and tight under his arm close to his chest and started for the end zone.

No matter what or who came at us, His free arm kept everything and everyone at bay as bodies crushed into him ferociously.

We crossed the finish line, victory dance ensuing for the fans now on thier feet. He then turned and shouted into the face of the opposing team still holding me close…

“This is my girl!!

And I am her victory!!

The deafening roar of the crowd brought me back to the moment, the corners of my eyes glistening at the memory…the memory surrounding me of my God’s heart in my life.

His protection, my position, my victory in Him in the end zone… my life…

For the ultimate win.

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