Just Listen

I understand we can find over a hundred references… perhaps even hundreds on Listening in the Word…

then it must be important.

Seeing the likes of 2019 illuminated everywhere I look, it seems clear the new year has been embraced whether we are ready or not. So if we choose being ready versus not… being intentional is not an option.. it’s a necessity.

Being intentional can lead you East, West, North or South and every destination in between.

I have made countless New Year’s resolutions for many years from weight loss..to weight loss.. and everything in between. The last number of years I’ve chosen to make an ever-present resolution that can resonate through a lifetime..

Living in the moment..

Because that is where I live and I can be the most effective for myself and others.

Yet many pieces of being intentional can fit into a moment.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you choose just one word to represent you being intentional this next year.

I choose Listen.

To Listen would seem on the surface so simple…yet is incredibly powerful.

To listen according to Webster’s dictionary is to pay attention to something or someone in order to hear what is being said, song played, etc.

It is in a sense an incredibly powerful act of love.

Who could the listening be for? Your kids? Your spouse? Your boss? A friend? The elderly? A stranger?… Your God?.. You?

What would you listen for?

Joy, frustration? Anger, fear? Directions?.. listening to your heart for peace in all you do..the list is endless.

When would be a good time to listen? In the moment? Now? What could absolutely wait in our life if we could lay down a moment and just listen??

A toddler tugging at your shirt wanting attention.. a teenager sitting across the table looking to hide needing a non-judgmental ear so badly? A spouse’s rant after a long day or simple ear for celebration? A time set aside for those forever shut in behind the doors of old age?

A friend’s need for a simple coffee or chat?..a stranger? Or you, literally silencing your mind and your heart to get direction from God…listening on your own Journey?

In the moment seems like a good place to start, for everyone has a moment.

In the Psalms God tells us that if we listen to Him, He will lead us into all Truth… the greatest reason of ALL to just listen!!

Genesis talks about promises He has for us, but we need to just open our ears and heart to know how to receive them.

Being someone who will be intentional with just listening may just be the most effective resolution you will or have ever made.

It’s one that not only benefits you but everyone else that will cross your path this next year…and beyond.

We may never know this side of Heaven how our choice to just listen may have affected many hearts including our own.

God tells us in I Peter 3 that His ears are open to our prayers … If the God of the universe has His ears open to us, Him being the ultimate listener, how important wouldn’t it be for us to do the same in every area of our lives.

This new year be intentional… Be brave… Take the challenge…. Listening HEALS..

Be the voice that doesn’t use words…

Change your world…change the world..

And just…listen.

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