Around the Throne Tonight

Christmas has once again come and gone and a New year’s upon us in just a few short days. The month-long gatherings of friends and family have brought many moments of joy, excitement, reflection and anticipation of the season… and has been celebrated in many different ways.

Occasions of freshly popped corn dancing loosely on a single napkin watching much loved repeats of Christmas movies in a quiet room late late at night accompanied only by the illumination of a sparkling, wonderfully decorated Christmas tree in all of its earthly splendor… the fire dancing haphazardly across the room created by the Press of a button… not really real. but I can imagine.

Copious amounts of an array of salty and sweet mouthfuls of traditional feast flavors mark many a day throughout this Christmas season around many a table big and small.

Many moments with family warm my heart right down to the smallest of them… my grandchildren. Oh the squeals of excitement as their wished upon lists emerge from layers of lovingly wrapped festive paper as it’s pulled away furiously to reveal that which was so we waited for.

And then there is the wonder and the experience of the caroling and the Christmas concerts. Making my way to the malls my heart is happy as I round the corner to echoes of Angels We Have Heard On High in perfect harmony resonating through every part of my being.

Caroling with friends through the halls of the old folks home days before Christmas continue the excitement and joy in my heart as echoes of Joy To The World would linger as we pass each door.

Then of course the wonders of Christmas concerts and all their beauty and sound resonate in our hearts for days after celebrating the Reason for the Season.

All of these things melt together in one pot… Celebrating the best of the best here on this side of the everlasting tomorrow’s called the Season of Christmas.

In all of this my mind can’t help but wonder what Christmas in Heaven is like.

The sights, the sounds, the feelings, perhaps even the tastes for those friends and family that have gone on to a new day where the Reason for the Season lives on forevermore.

What do their eyes see??

The streets of gold and the Everlasting Tree of Life decorated with an endless array of delectable heavenly fruit that nothing this side of Heaven can compare??

I can only imagine..

What do they feel?? Peace.. Joy. . Unthinkable.

What do they taste??

In the Word it talks of a banquet table prepared for those who accept his invitation of Eternal Life and having a place at a glorious table set by God himself spread with a feast no earthly one could touch.

I can only imagine…

And then as I close my eyes and feebly try to imagine the sounds of Christmas in the heavenly realm, I ask myself.. Has the Glory shone all around them like the first Christmas night as shepherds watched their flocks by night??

I can only imagine…

And finally.. What do they hear??

The thundering chorus of the multitude of angels singing Glory to God in the highest??

And then I imagine my friends, my baby; around the throne Christmas Eve surrounded by all the angels joining in as their own voices have been transformed in the land of no tomorrow’s.

I can only imagine….

But for now we try on this side of tomorrow to celebrate as we do the best that we know how.

The sights, the sounds, the feelings, the tastes… all in an effort of celebrating the season of Christmas.

But.. I can only imagine it’s but a dim reflection of all that is happening around the throne tonight…

The everlasting Christmas story

I can only imagine…

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