Even Better Than Wonder Oil

Twisting the cap open off the small but frequently used bottle, grandpa sparingly poured a small amount into his tall glass of hot water, a routine that had become a friend of sorts for his upset stomach at the end of a long hard day working on the farm. Many other times he had reached for the same small bottle, soothing many other aches and pains throughout the years… it had truly stood the test of time with such a name as Wonder Oil.

Grandma had turned to it many a time in the early years as the babies were wailing from tummy troubles and many other ailments in their growing up years. Bottle after bottle throughout the years had stood faithfully within reach just inside the country kitchen cabinet with the worn glass knobs showing signs of frequent use. It had been a healing balm of sorts for so many, young and old, soothing their bodies from the inside out.

As much as the Wonder Oil was a nearly too good to be true answer, and an answer of sorts it truly was and is…we have a healing balm that is available to all young and old that’s even better.

The Word talks about our God being a Balm of Gilead for all who need it. In Jeremiah ,God’s answer of healing for us is compared to the Balm of Gilead, a perfume originated from a plant in Arabia that gives healing properties such as reduced inflammation, eliminates pain, speeds healing, soothes the body and much more.

The Webster’s dictionary even says the plant BLEEDS the balm…how fitting…Our God bled for us so we may have pain eliminated, soothing of our hearts and minds, and eliminates that which should not be in us (inflammation) and ultimate healing.

Today.. the Balm of Gilead.. God’s healing mercy and Grace.. is available to all young and old.

Reach out and take it. Read the ingredients for yourself on the “bottle” (the Word) and find it to truly stand the test of time..

…and be even better than Wonder Oil♥️

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