Beyond The Barbed Wire Fence

Gingerly wrapping my fingers around the barbed cattle fence, I gently pressed my hand together hesitantly as I parted the two somewhat rusty wires making way for the rest of my young self to delicately climb through to the other side. I had followed my auntie into the field to enjoy watching her get the cows back to grandpa’s barn for supper time milking.

Now as the cows seemed larger than ever the closer they came, I decided my hasty exit to safety was through the nearest part of the fence. In my haste, my small hand landed squarely on one of the jagged barbed wires jetting in all directions. I winced in pain and quickly pulled back my hand, but not before a small trail of bright red blood dropped on the dirt by my summertime tanned bare feet.

Although I had promptly let go as the instant sharp pains had encouraged me to do, the effects of the barbs piercing my little hand lingered a long while after the drops of blood had started drying in the dirt in the mid summer time sun.

I had let go instantly as the sharp pains of the barbed wire shot through my little hand, yet in our experiences of of life we ignore the deep sharp pain and hold on to life’s painful “barbed” wire hoping we can change things by doing so. In the process we hold on to what seems like good pieces of our lives…relationships (that don’t work)… Our own wisdom… And some that dont…hurts…lies and so on.

We think by holding on we are in control, yet as we hold onto parts of our lives we don’t seem to notice there are parts on the wires of life…the wires intwined that carry barbs that poke out in every direction ready to hold us emotionally and spiritually captive as we continue to hold on despite the pain it continues to cause.

Unforgiveness is one of the biggest hurts on the barbed wire. We don’t seem to realize that holding onto unforgiveness is a journey of pain as we grab the barbs and hold tight despite the pain. The longer we continue to hold it the deeper the wound..the longer the pain.

That day many years ago in my childhood, I listened to my body and let go as soon as the pain began. I cannot say I have been so successful in life. Letting go of the “barbs” has still been a journey in different areas of my life and yet those that I have released have given me back my joy.

Letting go of the “barbs” (the pain) and giving the end result to our God will always leave our hands/ hearts trusting Him, and finding our way through a “barb” free area of the fence will leave us finding safety and healing in our hearts knowing the outcome is in His hands.

He already bore a barbed crown of thorns for exactly these reasons we would face in our lives. He took our pain so we wouldn’t have to hold onto the barbed wire any more.

Today let go of the “barbed” wires in your life and start your journey of healing your hand( heart)…find your freedom…find your joy…

…and go beyond the barbed wire fence.

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