“Return To Sender”

These day the excitement and anticipation of online ordering has taken the world by storm from absolute needs to frivalice wants and everything in between.

On occasion the wrong package/letter with all its contents gets delivered and “RETURN TO SENDER” gets quickly scrawled across the package/letter and gets sent back from where it came.

On a daily basis we receive “packages/letters” that do not belong to us amongst those that do. A letter containing words that write on our hearts and leave lasting impressions that shape our daily walk, sneaks on our “porch”( heart).

“You are less than…you don’t measure up….it’s your fault….you’re too fat…you’re too skinny….you’re embarrassing…”

And the list goes on. You fill in the blanks.

Learning to know which packages/letters you need to keep is a lifelong dance that gets easier the more you learn the truth about who you really are.

Somedays “packages” end up on your “porch”(heart) which contain memorabilia but nothing you want to remember or hold onto for that matter.

Past hurts.. memories.. beliefs about this all in your life’s journey.

Sometimes they arrive in beautifully wrapped boxes or glittered envelopes ( representing people who you trust and love) just beckoning to be opened.

As you open in anticipation the contents instantly leave you stuck and confused, sad, mad, seldom glad, hurt,…all over again.

Recognizing these dressed up packages as they arrive on your “porch” as misplaced mail is key to keeping your heart free and full of joy. Some are sent intentionally while others are innocently dumped on your “porch”( heart) from those dealing with thier own “mail issues”.

They may have been delivered to you but slapping on the label Return to sender” and getting it off your porch sooner than later keeps your porch/heart clear for the packages/letters that truly belong to you.

These contain messages somewhat like this:

“You are valuable…you are worthy…you are loved…..etc…”

And the parcels which hold these powerful gems are truly yours….


And so much more….meant to be opened with Joy as the contents speak life and are meant to find a permanent home in your heart to nourish your spirit continually.

If we are not careful the “hallways of our hearts” get lined with “parcels/letters” that were never meant to stay on your porch(heart). Soon, there is no more room to “walk” and it becomes too easy to live in the narrow hallways of our hearts away from any “windows of light” and Truth.

Holding onto these packages/letters over my lifetime..I tried making sense of them when in reality I could have traded all my futile efforts for resting in the Truth…the Truth of my identity in my God as my foundation and criteria for letting go of the “mail I was to stamp “Return To Sender”

My journey led me through some hard lies…and that’s exactly what they are….before walking into a season of the beginning of some revelation a number of years ago… still walking.

It started the construction of this ever important foundation we were all meant to have as His children.

No matter what was wrapped in these packages or letters and no matter where they came from, if it didn’t line up with what God was saying about me or how He wanted me to live the abundant life He promises…it needed to be stamped…


……and sent off my porch.

In ancient times mail was sent and identified in various ways. Royalty had thier own individually stamped crest or signature embossed in a seal.

The “letter/parcel” we can trust is the one embossed with God’s personal seal. His opinion of us, how we are to live and the Truth that sets us free is the only mail we are to keep.

Often God enlists people that will be His “mail carrier” with His seal of authenticity, repeating only the words He himself would say to us.

Today be aware of “packages/letters that were never meant to end up and stay on your porch (heart).

Get out your biggest, blackest, permanent marker and get busy writing in bold unmistakable letters…


…..and may the mail that is left on your porch…your heart… come straight from the heart of God!♥️

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