What a Day That Will Be

Summer could not come soon enough for my child heart. It meant holidays at grandma and grandpa’s house on the farm.

It was a place my childhood was transformed from everyday life to something special everytime I rounded the corner on the long winding gravel road.

The hand painted yellow hip roof barn with vintage green perfectly placed shingles loomed in my sights as I continued to round the corner to grandma and grandpa’s house.

As the driveway continued on branching to the right, three old farm buildings with dirt floors which had seen many a generation of farm calves stood stoically as they came into view. Grandpa’s tool shed was next, framed with old windows and a squeeky wooden rustic door that opened to many silent stories of generations past.

The summer kitchen as it was called in days of old was last in the row of nastalga. Many a time tested farm meal had been prepared with much love within those walls in the heat of the summers.

As I would strain my neck trying to peer over the dashboard and out the windshield of the chariot …possibly my dad’s light blue ’66 Merc as my dad would call it, or my grandpa’s trusty cherry red truck with grandma and grandpa’s name and address painted on the side door…my heart would leap with excitement as my eyes would fall on the rest of the yard that had been mowed and tended to so meticulously by my grandpa, grass hand trimmed around the house and barn with a hand scissor.

The perfectly whitewashed farm fence created a perfect boundary for grandpa’s healthy herd of black and white Holsteins dotted with a few brown Jersey cows, grazing in the beautiful meadow, tails whistfully swatting at the summertime flies landing on their glistening hides in the heat of the season…. my heart’s picture continued to grow.

This white fence had also served as a perch for the vintage green kitchen glasses that were filled with a choice of sparking mountain Dew or Pepsie poured out of glass bottles at breaktime for the bailing crew( and little me..grandma’s orders:) on those hot summer days…

I can still taste it.

Coming up to the ’60’s bungalow( with grandma’s large beautiful farm garden sitting in the distance), meticulously painted blue and white by my grandpa, my eyes would fall on one of my favourite places to sit…the neatly swept cement porch framed by black rod iron railing on either side.

The shade from the towering neatly planted oak trees planted by great grandma and grandpa in generations past, created a majestic cool place of protection from the hot summer sun as the cool breeze wound it’s way through.

I could hardly wait.

The farmyard was nestled neatly between two gravel roads on either side on which I took many a summer walk or bike ride on my trusty cherry red banana seat bike. One of grandma’s pale yellow or green icecream pails accompanied me at times to help collect the juicy ripe choke cherries and Saskatoon berries hanging high and low on the bushes running along side the road.

My grandma was my partner between farm duties on some days…

Those were the best times.

As my ride would finally come to a halt, my little chubby tanned legs would skip down the paving stone path up to the side porch past grandma’s neatly planted colorful petunias.

I knew for even just a few days..I would be more than content…

It was my heaven on earth.

As I let my mind go back to those beautiful childhood memories, I can’t help but think what Heaven will be like.

Someday, I, like everyone else on this planet, will have a date with my destiny and I’ll round that corner at the end of my life’s journey and soak in Heaven and all its beauty that has been prepared for me and all who take the invitation to live there forevermore.

The gravel road will be replaced with streets of gold and the berry bushes with the Tree of Life.

As promised, as the Bible tells me, I will have my very own mansion prepared just for me by the One who loves me more than anyone ever could.

And just as I longed for the summer days spending time with my grandma and grandpa on the farm, in my Heaven on earth….I will long to spend time with my Jesus …in a favourite cool shade spot no doubt…perhaps that ultimate “spot on the bench” in that moment.

Walking in the gardens of plenty among the towering trees with the one who created me.

And just as my childlike heart longed to spend time with my grandma and grandpa on this earth…

I long for the time I will round that corner…in that moment…and see their smiling faces again…arms open wide….not just for a summer…but forever.

What a day that will be♥️♥️

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