Her tiny, piercing, jet black eyes peered curiously through her soft black curly hair as she perched contently on the back of the sofa.

Who is this strange lady coming into my home?”

This 10 week old puppy may have wondered as her head tilted slightly in curiosity. Mommy and the other pups lay nearby, doing what moms and her pups do.

This lady is getting curiously closer, and she is smiling...she smells so nice…like vanilla. She’s moving a little closer now in each moment. My furry, fun tail is telling her I’m glad she is here. Mom and the pups are now hanging out with me, but this lady seems to only have eyes for me with her very kind eyes. She smiles at the other pups and mom, but keeps turning her attention to me only.”

Her eyes tell me a story. She LOVES…she LOVES soo much! I WANT SOME! Lady gathers all of me oh so gently in her arms. She holds me close…oh so close! My little very pink tongue is kissing lady now unashamedly all over her face! I can’t help it!”

She had stolen our hearts…our little furry friend was CHOSEN:)

We ALL want to be Chosen.

Sadly, not all are chosen on this planet. But there is great news! We are ALL CHOSEN! Hand picked! Chased after! His smile is wide! He is fascinated with you…and loves you soon much❤.

He is on a mission…He knows ALL about you. He knew you before you were born.

The WORD tells us He will leave the 99 to come search for us…Choose us! And when He has found us, He will joyfully carry you/us HOME on His shoulders…what a picture!

He CHOSE to die for us…each one of us…

He CHOOSES me…He CHOOSES you! His sweet aroma of GRACE permeates His pursuit of us. His loving arms are forever outstretched to His CHOSEN. His eyes are ALWAYS on me, ALWAYS on you.

He is such a personal God❤

It brings Him great pleasure to “bring us home”.

Such a beautiful word…CHOSEN.

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