Release Your Aroma of HOPE.

The air in the room seemed to pop with fireworks of pungency.

My mouth danced with an array of sensations as my other senses awakened to heights only reserved for these kinds of moments it seemed.

Fresh, bright, green baby Dill.

Every cut of my mom’s trusty serrated knife seemed to release another invisible but instant aroma cloud into the small 70s kitchen.

My heart and mind were instantly happy and my soul danced right along with my happy senses.

Gently but swiftly, my mom scooped up the fresh mound of bright green dill from her trusty well-worn cutting board, and gingerly added it to the already simmering large stock pot of delicious Mennonite soup, filled with other magical, garden fresh ingredients, all preparing to contribute to this wonderful gathering of mouth-watering wonder.

All these ingredients needed to be prepped, cut and cooked to release what only each could release. A potato released potato, dill released dill.

Sitting on the cutting board uncut, unprepped would never bring the desired aromatic soup to its best potential and serve with the aromatic taste intended.

We all have an “aroma”… gift, just waiting to be released to the world. The world needs us to share with it that which only we can contribute; the gift of US that is meant to be shared.

Sometimes that aroma will be released in joyful moments and sometimes in hard ones. Either one can break open what is hidden in each of us.

If we all choose to release our gifts/aroma, and “marry” them together with each other, the world will be a better place… happy hearts, minds and souls… A place of HOPE …

When we release our aroma of HOPE.

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