A Little Girl and Her Sommer Borscht

The aroma of the Thursday’s Farmer’s s Market, garden fresh dill saturated the air as each cut with my kitchen knife released this gift to my senses.

It instantly brought me back to a simpler time many years ago in my childhood, sitting at our small 60s chrome kitchen table, watching intently as my young mother created the same beautiful aroma with every cut of the freshly picked mound of homegrown dill.

The fresh red potatoes and sharp tasty onions along with the rest of the recipes ingredients created the most magical dance on my taste buds.

It was an experience every time I gathered together the Mennonite soup ingredients.

It had always been a favourite of mine and now many years later my 6 year old granddaughter had developed a love for this same favourite.

“Mama!” She said between spoonfuls of soup disappearing into her tiny mouth. Her eyes sparkled as her request was made….” Can I have”… slurp slurp…. “more”… slurp slurp…. “Sommer Borscht!??”

Her long, light brown hair dipped vicariously into her bowl as she leaned over her steaming bowl with every taste…. her bowl still half full as the request began.

She wasn’t about to miss out on any leftover soup.

My mama heart smiled wide as I willingly ladled some of this coveted soup into her still half-full bowl.

My little granddaughter wasn’t about to miss out when there was more to be had. My whole being so enjoyed watching her eagerly spoon mouthfuls of this liquid gold.

I believe our God longs for us to ask for things our heart’s desire. He tells us so in his Word. He knows all and wouldn’t need us to ask, but He so yearns for that close relationship with us.

Watching my granddaughter enjoy her bowl of sommer borscht so immensely and ask for more so unashamedly even before she was done, reminded me of what we are invited to do.

Come boldly before Him into His presence.

He longs to see the sparkle in our eyes along with our boldness to ask before our hands are empty. He loves to watch us “lean” into our answers, gifts and blessings and enjoy them to the fullest.

He wants us to ultimately trust Him for all of it.


As I ladled the last of the large stock pot of soup into a few beautifully etched old fashioned mason jars, a small smile tugged at the corner of my mouth knowing there would be more of this coveted soup the next time my little girl would ask.

I imagined Our God being overjoyed with the overflow of answers, gifts, and blessings He has for His children,

And how I experienced a small piece of this that day… with a little girl…

And her sommer borscht.

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