Chapter 55…

The day started out just like any other…

Now 55 years of days later, I got to choose… not my circumstances, not the weather, not who wished me a happy birthday, not who may have come to visit, not who called.

I got to choose.

Choose how I reacted… choose how I saw the weather… the people crossing my path that day… my circumstances…whatever they may be.

I had a gift. Not only a birthday gift that day, but a gift I’d had every single day for 55 years now.

In the early years, the gift was very young but nonetheless a gift. I didn’t always know what to do with the gift, but none the less there it was…

the gift to choose.

Choose to “see” with my own eyes or His. His being the One who had walked with me all of my life… my God.

The gift would be to not only choose, but choose to “see” through His eyes. The first 53 years…. 53 chapters… Mostly through mine.

Year 53 began a journey of writing from a place of hope. Hope of “seeing” the world… my world… through His eyes when I would invite him to join me on life’s bench along life’s path… and “see”.

Every morning… A gift to choose.

I did not always see it as a gift. In fact it was unwanted at times, as it left me in control… In control of how I would see”… my own eyes would deceive me more then plenty of times in all the past 55 chapters of my life.

So when the time came, I started choosing to” see” through His eyes… my writing changed. 45 years of writing stories… journal entries…. Poems…

I started a new chapter.

A Chapter of Hope.

Webster’s… HOPE: a feeling of expectation and desire for certain things to happen…. A feeling of trust.

The Living Word…. HOPE: confident expectation of what God has promised… And strength in his faithfulness.

So there it was…. HOPE.

Confidence in His promises to me in every life circumstance… in every moment.

The foundation on which every moment of my life could be “seen” through His eyes.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”…” I will be with you”… ” I will protect you”… ” I will answer you”… ” I will provide for you”… ” I will give you peace”… ” I Will Always Love You”.

It all came back to the gift.

The Gift to choose… to believe His heart towards me.

A gift to choose to “see”through His eyes, anchored on this Foundation…..

And the day started out just like the previous days in the past 54 chapters of my life… The gift to choose… to “see” the world… my world… Through His eyes … A gift… Sitting at my feet beautifully wrapped by my God, ready to be opened…in a new day…

Chapter 55…

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