And The Music Played

He moved in closer to the microphone in front of him in his isolated apartment as the melody of a fifty-year-old classic was beautifully created in a new old way from around the world with many voices.

The World Wide Web became the friend that made it all possible when life as they knew it seem to have disappeared.

And the chorus united them all.

And the music played.


She longingly glanced at the large round metal clock on the sterile hospital green wall for what seemed like the hundredth time that hour as time seemed to stand still in the midst of the world standing still.

She quickly straightened her sweat-stained protective mask for what also seemed like the hundredth time that day… or so it seemed.

Her three years of late night studying for this passion that had become her, had not prepared her for what was ahead of her now…. 12 hour shift after 12 hour shift along with the rest of her colleges, looking into the fearful eyes of those looking up back at her from their coveted beds, snaking through the hospital corridors.

She did what she had been trained to do….what she had promised to do… and do what her heart was telling her to do…take the hand of those that could be her biggest enemy as her eyes met thier fearful gaze, hoping to hide her own along with perhaps thousands upon thousands of other frontline workers in the world at this same moment…

The cause uniting them all.

And the music played.


He knew he couldn’t just sit and watch as views of the deserted streets outside his window left a gaping silence in his heart in this new day.

Donning a homemade colourful mask in keeping with the new normal, aching to lend a hand to his fellow man amidst his own fears, He made his way through the empty streets to the nearest homeless shelter he had passed many a time in his life, going to work as a New York journalist in one of the high-rises of the now deserted city streets.

He joined those already feeding and sheltering some of the world’s most vulnerable… uniting with a cause.

And the music played.


She awoke with a heaviness on her heart as week 3 of her own world along with the rest of the world shutting down, commenced.

A single mom, life was a challenge at the best of times, but this… this was almost too much as the baby had not quit crying since she’d woken in the early hours of the morning. Her toddler thankfully played, contented on the floor with his coveted metal fire truck… his little lips providing all the necessary sounds.

Turning to her tiny 60s table in the corner of her small kitchen, she watched 4 little eyes staring back at her, pencils in hand, waiting for her instructions of a day where she was now their full-time teacher for the past 3 weeks among all the other teaching she did daily.

It seemed such an overwhelm to wake up day after day, coping in her 4 walls, as the horrors of domestic abuse had left her with the sole responsibilities of these tiny lives.

The ringing of the simple black telephone, hanging on the wall of the old house, seem to be her only portal to the outside world.

How was she doing? ….the caller asked. She spoke much needed encouragement. Perhaps shared some laughter, always good for the soul… and said a short prayer for her to face another day, not only for the new world that seemed to have encroached on her, but for her day-to-day that seemed too much most days.

That day, she chose another day… because of the ringing portal on the wall.

Perhaps many such calls all over the world uniting in the cause of support.

And the music played.


She had loved her job at the local Diner now for the past 20 years, happily serving her longtime repeat customers, but in the past 3 weeks, her beloved Diner had ceased to exist as she had known it for the past 20 years.

How would her bills get paid?? How would she live as this new invisible enemy was blanketing not only her own little town… but the whole Earth.

And then, as her world seemed to unravel in the midst of the whole world crumbling, the man whose heart had lovingly ran the beloved diner for 20 years, changed everything.

No layoffs, only changes and big ones. The bills would get paid and perhaps the thoughts of ending it all, even for the most religious in this new day.

He united them for the cause.

And the music played.


As she sat huddled under her well worn couch blanket by her tiny television set, news broadcast blaring into her tiny living room 24/7, fearful of what this all meant, hearing the statistics of what this new enemy of the world was creating… She knew one thing and one thing for sure. She still needed to feed her family.

She hurriedly made her way through the grocery aisles filling her grocery cart with what seemed to be more than her share as the mountain got higher and higher. All necessary, but she was afraid. Her two little ones hugging her closely as they made their way.

She and her small family were new to this town, with family and friends thousands of miles away. The prospect of a new job for her hard working husband had brought them here.

Despite more and more stipulations about how to do life in public, her little ones needed to join their mother in the hallways of the local store, being vulnerable to the stares of those who didn’t share her same plight.

But as she rounded the corner of the produce aisle, her eyes met the gaze of a beautiful, silver haired, older woman. The woman smiled warmly as she glanced at the little apprehensive eyes looking back at her, clutching their mother’s side.

Her heart knew nothing of this woman’s life with her little ones hanging by her side.

So she made a choice.

She smiled.

That is all.

But it was everything.

No judgement.

Because the world was in this together.. united.


And the world came together and knew who the enemy was.

Not each other.

And the world threw open its windows wide… along with their hearts…

And the birds sang louder…

And the skies became Bluer…

And the stars… brighter.

And the God they prayed to, hugged them tighter then any other could, and whispered…

I will never leave you or forsake you.

And their hearts believed.

And the music played.

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