“Just Sit”

She smelled so good, as grandmas always do.

My young self buried myself deeper into her secure, loving soft arms as I snuggled even more comfortably in her ever comforting lap.

It was my favourite place in the whole world at that time in my young life. All was well on Grandma’s lap.

It wasn’t just the physical comfort of her soft comfy arms and inviting lap that made me want to stay there forever it seemed.

It was her heart.

It was her heart when tender loving care was needed for the scrapes incurred on the farmyard. Her heart healed it. She said; “I love you… just sit”.

When Grandma would spoil me with her homemade delicious cinnamon buns for breakfast (because she could:) her heart said; “I love you… just sit”.

When I would beg for just one more night of a long week of sleepovers, her heart said yes, and it said; I love you… just sit”.

When she took the time on many a lazy summertime afternoon between farm wife duties, to lay in her perfectly made bed in the cool of her bedroom, and cuddle me close as she read of stories in a faraway land… she said; “I love you… just sit”.

When her lap became too small as I got older, her soft arms were always enough to dry the tears in my heart when the loss of first love was too much for my tender heart to bear… her heart said; “I love you… just sit”.

When many years down the road she would wrap those same soft wonderfully smelling, comfortable arms, wrapped in one of her familiar Paisley Cotton house dresses, around my little girls on her welcoming lap… her heart said; “I love you… just sit”.

And when the time came to say our final goodbyes in the days before my sweet grandma left this Earth for her forever home… Her now frail but still ever so soft arms, still comforting to my adult me, as we talked about how life would go on for both of us… Her heart said; “I love you… just sit”.

Her heart still said; “I love you… just sit”, as I sat with her, remembering how we had sat together for so many decades throughout every season of my life.

My time to “just sit” with my grandma no matter how many years had passed,… was a healing for my soul even now when it was only I who could speak for the both of us.

Over the years, my God has often gently beckoned me; “I love you… just sit”.

But in the business of life through the years, I deemed “just sit” as idle, somewhat non-productive by nature. Yet as I think back to the times I would “just sit” with my beloved Grandma, the healing of my soul happened continually.

I’m coming to realize my God’s beckon to “just sit” heals much of every part of my being without all of my “effort”. He willingly takes our broken pieces in our “sitting”.

I can imagine this may just be the most important thing my grandma may be doing in her forever home, surrounded by His gentle arms❤️

This is where the healing is, from the one whose “I love you” will never fail.

It is His heart.

Today I want to keep reminding myself of the healing benefits of heading to the invitation of my God. The answer of Healing in all of us… Our body… our soul… our spirit.

It will not only change how we will do life… It will change our life…period.

When I remember to open the ears of my heart and head to the gentle;

“I love you…

just sit”. ❤️

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