Her Bible On The Bed

Gently but firmly, she’s smoothed the creases over every edge of her bed as she left her finishing touches on her usual morning ritual, her and dad’s pillows earning their usual spots, positioned precisely, snuggled happily against the custom Oak headboard…the day could begin.

And it began like every other… with her Bible on the bed.

She gently turn the well worn pages with reverence as each chapter was completed, her petite wedding ring adorned, hard working hands, clasped together as she talked to her God about what He was telling her in these pages. She needed every drop of wisdom for her long days ahead starting with a small heart and soul warming bowl of her favourite cream of wheat, her signature mug of hot water signifying the end of this morning ritual.

“It’s so good for you”, she would always say. I can still hear her voice telling me this on days I didn’t want to replace my coveted cold milk. She was right. It was good for the body… and the soul it seemed, at least she seemed to think so.

Her list of “to dos” were never to be found on any notepad or scrap of paper, it was just a running list that was never done and her mind along with her body suffered from the need to perfect. And for this, she needed her Bible on the bed… opened to the last place she had talked to her Jesus about what He was telling her on those precious pages.

Her long days in her large bountiful Garden needed some direction as her frustration sometimes mounted as the canning and the cooking and baking never seemed done despite her loving it all tremendously.

The dust on the furniture seemed to taunt her daily as it seemed to return before she was to have time to “shew” it away again. Another trip to her room for another gold nugget of wisdom and patience to face her frustrations needed to happen.

Her open Bible lay comfortably on her neatly made bed, always welcoming her… a habit she had observed from her little Russian grandma who had gleaned all her strength from her own…Bible on the bed.

Through the years, the need for these nuggets of wisdom from this open book was needed in her job as director of a group home and many a shift at the hospital as a nurse… her lifelong passion over the years. Those days of many a roaster of chicken and potatoes in her oven as she worked side-by-side with the church ladies preparing everything from weddings to funerals, needed strength, wisdom, and patience.

The early years had long days occupied with raising two daughters and a son along with mountains and valleys of 52 years of marriage as the years continued. Those years needed many… many trips to her Bible on the bed, dipping into the everlasting well of how to teach, patience to endure, and being reassured of the love of her Savior.

As the first of those she loved so dearly…her mother, left for eternity, her trips to this coveted open book on her precisely made bed, happen more frequently as her heart was grieving the loss of such that could hardly be explained… but the author of her Bible on the bed knew. It was here her wisdom, her strength, and her direction and comfort in all of life that passed by over the years, gave her hope in all her joys and in her sorrows.

And then there was her ever failing health since she been a young child on her mother and father’s farm in the 1940s… too many surgeries to count and doctor appointments too. Many a dot on the calendar. The weight of it all seemed too much some days over the years, but the open-book on the bed promised to give her rest for her soul and body if she would follow the instructions.

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

The last months of her life here on earth were spent in their apartment sitting by her large second-story window. Long gone where the busy days of yesteryear. Now surrounded by the things that made her heart happy. Her beloved hand projects…her last scarf that never did get finished… her pictures of her loved ones in many beautiful hand-picked frames, smiling at her. Her many years of diaries, that among many daily activities, spoke of the hope she had of a beautiful day when she would step into that beautiful land of eternal rest and reunions with her mother and father and so many more, along with seeing her Jesus, whom she had found in the pages of her Bible on the bed for so many years now.

But her most prized possession was her Bible on the bed that would ultimately point to her new home in Heaven, she had become so familiar with, as it had lived on her bed throughout the many years of her life, giving her wisdom, patients, comfort and the assurance of the love of her Savior for so many, many years.

But above all, it gave her a hope of a rest for her journey here on earth, for her heart and mind in all of life that had been lived.

All given from the many years of…

Her Bible on the bed.