Just a Little More Time.

The alarm rang “ferociously” in my head, or so I thought as 7 a.m. blinked happily through the cracks of my sleep deprived eyes.

Had I not just shut them?? It had seemed but a moment since then. I longed for just a little more time wrapped in my new crisp, yet cozy, white subtly appliqued bedding.

I half-heartedly moved out of my warm cacoon as my toasty bare feet hit the ground running. The minutes, the hours, in a single day seemed to get shorter and shorter as different seasons in life all clamoured for time in my day.

Two days earlier, the “ferocious” ringing of the alarm had reminded me again that cell group at my church was about to begin, but my semi subconscious mind had pressed snooze one time too many…again. My mind seemed to shout louder than usual that morning…

“Just a little more time!”

as I wrapped myself tighter in my warm cocoon.

The week seemed to race by at lightning speed as most lunch hours between my time at work were gladly spent visiting my dad in the hospital. Scheduled dentist appointments in the city, a funeral…( Life doesn’t seem to stop long enough to celebrate our loved one’s homegoing..) and coveted times spent finding my precious hugs from my little squealing grandbabies, music recitals from the older ones, and coffee dates with my grown daughters and friends, as my car pointed in all directions throughout the week.

“Just a little more time… just a little”

my mind said as the clock on my range stove seemed to leap foreward as my eyes caught a glimpse of the very white numbers that seemed to change with rapid speed through the rising steam of yet another pot of homemade soup and fresh farmer sausage, sizzling in a large size pan next to it.

Days before, a quick errand with my hubby pointed us to one of our favourite restaurants with our favourite appys in our favourite spot. A wonderful reprieve from the hustle of the week.

“Just a little more time”

pulsed in my head as we headed out the door towards the demands of more things filling the minutes, hours, and days of our lives.

As my body crawled willingly back into my warm cocoon of white, crisp, subtly appliqued bedding at the end of the day, my eyes fell on an older journal amongst a small pile, tucked away beside my nightstand nestled amongst all that was collected around the softly lit lamp. The familiar slant of my writing on the page brought me back to the moment I had written the words at the top of the day’s entry. It began like this…

“I just want to spend a little more time with you… I want to grow closer to you… sitting on the bench with you. Everything you will need in this lifetime will come from those visits… with me… it’s really that simple.”

My lips tasted a saltiness as a simple tear escaped unexpectedly from the corner of my tired eyes. My book In the Moment was born from this excerpt in my journal along with the pictures my Jesus had painted in my heart surrounding it many years ago.

I had forgotten for a short while, how important this time would be, trying to find time for everything else in my life before my time on the bench with Him.

“Just a little more time” with Jesus on my life journey would change my view I would have with everything and everyone I met.

The tiredness of just a little more time in my every day would be replaced by a rest that could only be found with Him as I gave Him…

“Just a little more time”

His request was gentle as I remembered it…

And as I reflected on all the things that I needed just a little more time with in my life in this moment…I knew that all would find its right order in my mind, and my heart could rest in all of life seasons and it’s business… if I would just remember to give Him…

“Just a little more time”.