Room With a View

The warm summer sun smiled its way through the tall towering sunroom windows.

It’s smile had already landed on everything else outside the windows, painting light on everything it touched making the view seem larger than life itself for the eyes of my heart to feast on…

one of my most favorite spots to do life… reflect…. read…soak…write..

my room with a view.

There is something about sunshine… It’s brush paints happiness and illuminates everything it seems to touch.

During the planning stages of our sunroom addition the goal was to let in as much light as possible along with being able to see as far and wide as possible from every area of the room.

Short of creating one large looming continuous window covering the span of the whole addition; being impractical and quite costly, the plan included minimal wall space separating each towering window pane.

The view I enjoy looking through the complete span of tall windows give me somewhat of a true picture of my inviting backyard, yet the minimal wall spaces between the windows keep me from seeing every detail of what I think I see.

The further back I step into the room away from the windows, the clearer and bigger the picture seems to get.

Too often in our lives we may think we see all there is to see about a situation or event, yet the spaces between the windows (our beliefs, filters, lies, mindset) keep us from seeing the complete picture.

Standing too close to the window (situation) can leave us with much less visual and our perception can lead us to less truth about the situation.

Step back…see the bigger picture… let the sunshine of God’s light paint His brush of clarity on that which may be hidden behind the walls between the “windows”of your life… and truly enjoy your place from which you do life…

Your heart…

Your room with a view.

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