More Than Enough

What could I do if I was more than enough…

Had more than enough..?

Face a relationship head on…parent with an enthusiasm that would conquer my world and thiers…apply for that coveted job that I seemed so underqualified for…write that best seller…be fierce in the face of adversity…become that teacher that would change the world of so many for generations to come…paint that picture that lives on in the hearts of the world for years to come…

stand on a stage with an audience of thousands and throw my passion into every soul…endure years of medical school to make a difference in this ailing world….live everyday with a confidence and strength to face whatever the journey of life brings …face the joys, the sorrows and everything in between.

Well I have nearly too good to be true news…

I am MORE than enough to my God. You are MORE than enough for Him too.

In the gospel of John a small boy had more than enough to feed 5000 with his offering of 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread..

God provided and multiplied it to be more than enough.

I/we have more than enough on the inside of us because of Him and what’s He’s done for us.

We may not be aware of what that all means but that doesn’t mean it is not there. The clouds may hide the sun on days, but that does not mean there is no sun.

Having walked through 33 years of a marriage journey so far…more than enough.

Having had the privilege of raising 4 beautiful daughters through all thier journeys…more than enough.

Saying goodbye to my unborn baby way too soon… more than enough.

Pursuing my passion for writing with more confidence everyday… more than enough.

Making it through my teenage roller coaster years when some did not…more than enough.

Wandering through complicated paths in my heart and finding my way through when life didn’t always make sense … more than enough.

Blessed with a job the last 14 years that has been rewarding yet incredibly stretching at times…more than enough.

Saying goodbye to some family and friends who have left this world early…more than enough.

He deemed me/you worthy of it all when He gave His all ..His son..

HE was MORE than enough.

We are not left on this planet to fend for ourselves..

we are left with

More than enough ♥️

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