Here For a Reason

I used to think the Billy Grahams of the world where the only people chosen for such a life of influence. The mass crowds over the decades, the changed lives as a result of one man’s influence and obedience to his calling and gifting. How could one match such greatness and influence.. where would one begin..

well… in the same place Billy Graham did. He was born into a modest family in South Carolina.. mom, dad, brothers, sisters. He grew up on a farm working hard from an early age as was common. He did what young boys did barefoot in the Carolina dirt, fighting on occasion with his siblings and even disobeying his parents once in a while I will venture to guess.

Sounds like almost anyone on the planet even if one couldn’t identify with family and siblings… you were all young boys and girls once upon a time… so now we are all included, included in the possibilities Billy Graham encountered.

His walk, his gifts, his calling. Billy even hated church as a boy…great way to start a lifetime of worldwide evangelism dont you think?:)

His ultimate message and invitation drew many to accept the Cross and Eternal Life.

My life was changed by his message and invitation.

What message, gift, influence have you buried because you didn’t fit into all the Billy Grahams of the world’s shoes? ..disabilities, disadvantages, status, age, and so more are all but stepping stones.

Your stadium is your world.

Are you a mother?

What a calling.

The shaping, molding, loving through the tough and the less tough… because face it.. being a mom is tough.

I know..I’m so blessed to be one♥️

Are you a dad?

Incredible calling that potentially transcends the today’s and influences all the tomorrows of the generations to come, all starting in the moments of today.

Are you a King?.. Are you a Queen? Doctor, teacher, Pastor, young, old…homeless..?

Your audience/stadium may be in the home. It may be in a castle, it may be at your job and it may be in a soup kitchen ladling some piping hot soup staring across at someone who needs your smile possibly more than the soup that day.

My dad had a massive stroke steal from his life 10 years ago and the chair and the bed are his home, yet I always leave encouraged.. encouraged to be a better me…

Be a reason for someone.

Don’t let what life has “stolen” from you, your beliefs about your worth on this planet and whatever else stands in your way be the reason you leave your stadium and crowds behind.

Be the reason someone chooses another day.

Be the reason someone chooses forgiveness and eternal life…

Just be the reason….

your world…your Stadium..

will be forever changed.

#Here for a reason♥️

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