Touch the Wall

Who am I?….What am I?… Where am I?…..

Questions that have crossed many a mind in their life’s journey.

Life can burst forth with such excitement and purpose when we start out in the youngness of our minds.

The world seems to linger on our fingertips…ours to do with wherever our passions lead us….the sky seems to be the limit.

So we charge foreword in our quest to pursue our passions and gifts…our hearts full of promise.

Then along the journey, the closer we get to the “promise land” of our pursuits.. our passions…the further away we seem to be.

And then you see it…and then maybe you don’t… In big neon letters…

“People pleaser”

The imposter has moved in. The “you” has taken a back seat. The exaustion in your passion does not come from your dedication or endless exausting hours of hard work, rather …from the imposter.

The people pleasing keeps you hostage and acts as a harsh task master to the point of you losing focus…and ultimately your passion that was always inside of you…. starts to die under the crushing weight.

You hit the unforgiving wall.

You’re exausted.

Throwing everything away seems to sooth your mind in the moment….everything that says “you” in your passion..

.you are throwing away you.

The imposter..the people pleaser has taken over the real you.

The who has been defined.

The domino effect takes over and the what am I is defined. Failure

The next domino falls… where am I…

Done with your dreams ..done with your passions.. done with you. All because of the imposter.

I loved sewing for my 4 little girls…thier pretty little coats and dresses…I loved planting flowers in the dirt in front of my little green house…I loved visiting with the elderly…I loved babysitting my friend’s babies…I loved baking treats for my neighbours..I loved writing ..I loved painting art…. And the list goes on.

But the imposter took over and my passions were chained to the people pleaser… And the joy was zapped.

My time on “The Bench” over the years with my God, led me to recognize the imposter as He invited me down a different road…a road of rest…rest from wearing the imposter mask with my true identity in Him that was always meant to be the root for the gifts and passions he had given me to share with the world.

In swimming, athletes touch the wall at the end of the lap..but they don’t stay there…it’s not an end, it’s a place where the wall becomes a springboard to a 180 that leads to the finish.. perhaps the gold.

Don’t let the wall of People pleasing defeat be your end and leave the world around you with less or even none of your gift.

Let the wall of exaustion and the end of people pleasing be your springboard to a 180 …find you again. the you you were created to be.

Kick the imposter to the curb…

Paint that picture, plant those flowers, visit that neighbor, make that record sew that dress…write that book.

Go for the gold…

And touch the wall.

4 thoughts on “Touch the Wall

  1. Encouraging as always. Be who God intended you to be. Not a people pleaser but a God pleaser. Be who God intended you to be. All glory and honour to Him.

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  2. Beautiful!!! I’d had forgotten….I thought others are more artistic…they have the mind for it! Then this summer when I complimented my niece on her drawing she said my dad said I must of gotten it from my Auntie Brenda she was good at drawing….it shocked me…I had forgotten that I drew. So now i persue it…read about it, take online classes….im creating a mind for it. Love how once again painted a picture in my mind with your words that brought me a relatable story in my own life!!!

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