In Living Color

It was black and white.

It was a 16 inch Zenith black and white television set. It seemed larger than life compared to no television at all. Tall very thin wiry, metal, stoic rabbit ears graced the top of the small set, seemingly dwarfing it, making the picture somewhat clear if moved just right.

It was exciting. It was new.

It was our window to the world, or at least three channels worth, and one other very snowy Channel 6.

It was 1969 and I was four. The photos held in place by vintage triangle corners in the vinyl covered photo albums that lived on our 1960s coffee table, lived in black and white also. For all I knew, in my young mind, the people that had existed before me lived in a black and white world.

Nonetheless, it always thrilled my heart to sit through the pages of the albums and now the black and white shows on our new TV set. It seemed to come alive right there in our tiny little living room.

It was a new day in our home, at least in my little mind.

Three years later in 1972, our world inside our little living room changed again. The 16 inch Zenith black and white TV was replaced by one of the first new seemingly monstrous colored floor models. The colors were yet to be perfected but in my eyes the world streaming into our living room had come to life.

By now the photographs being added to our photo albums had turned into color due to the introduction of the colored instant Kodak cameras. Our home seemed to come alive with all the colors that surrounded us through the new television set and the addition of the colored photos in albums on the coffee table.

There was no turning back. We had tasted a new world in color.

Sometimes in life we think we are living, yet we haven’t transitioned from that black and white Zenith picture box. The world around us and the world we create seem to live only in black and white.. two dimensional, living in our comfort zone hoping to live out our lives in the safety of no regrets, with fear reigning in our hearts, taking no chances to experience the incredible lives we were meant to live.

We were all created for Greatness.

Greatness not by the world’s standards but from the world beyond ourselves.

We are all made in His image. That in itself means we are all destined for greatness. We are all born with a gift or many gifts for that matter so unique that not one person since the dawn of time can be duplicated exactly.

What a masterpiece we are.

How incredible.

Not everyone will recognize your unique contribution to the world. For that reason our hearts become timid and we fear rejection and such is the reason we choose to live our lives in the safety of black and white.

It’s never too late though.

Don’t look back… There is no room for that.

Just as the transition occurred in a short moment in our tiny living room on that day in 1972 when the larger-than-life colored television set replaced the 16 inch Zenith black and white set, so too can we start living larger then life.

Once you do…

there will be no turning back.

Don’t underestimate the reason you were put on this planet. Don’t let your own mind get in the way with black and white two dimensional thinking.

Open your heart and your mind to the impossible.

Why the impossible?

Because it is there where the Creator of the impossible lives.

The ONE who will walk beside you…in front of you…and behind you… as is promised in his Word.

That which has always seemed out of reach…DO.

Teach.. teach what has been put on your heart to teach.

Sing.. sing songs that reflect your life.

Learn…learn how to step into each other’s lives so as to enrich each other and encourage each other to step out of their black and white box.

Run…run far away from a life that is less than you were created to live. Run from a life that is black and white.

Walk…walk a new path that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Soar…soar to new heights that lead you to a whole new way of living; and then again maybe not so new, a life that you were always meant to live. It’s always been there.

Come to life.

Now live it.

It’s a new day.

Live It…

In living color.