The Lost Earring

In a hurry to get changed to head out the door for what seemed like the 10th time that day, I realized quickly my fashion for the day excluded one small dangly jewel, gifted to me by my one and only the previous Christmas.

I was in the habit of wearing the complete set, so I panicked in that moment as I grabbed my now earingless ear, much to my dismay.

Where would I even begin to look as I didn’t know how long it had been missing. Years earlier, the situation would have kept me in panic mode for a whole lot longer than I would have liked. My anxiety taking over and keeping me from moving through my day or even days.

But not today. Yes I was sad in the moment at the concept of my incomplete set of the special gift from my sweetheart, but life had dealt some bigger blows the past 3 years with the passing of my parents, changed relationships and the healing that had surrounded all of that. It had been the hardest 3 years of my life despite the struggles I had experienced most of my many many years prior to these past years.

But there was a difference now. I was ready. Ready to heal. I had become a student. I allowed the Holy Spirit to teach me… heal me. It was hard.

It was very hard. It was a very new season in uncharted territory.

I still wanted it my way at times.

I listened more than I ever had to the Holy Spirit. My self reliance could not solve this major season in my life. But oh had I tried. I was not perfect, but I was willing to have my ears and eyes opened.

This was the key to a “door” I had not opened fully before. His answer to me when I would hear and see more clearly was,

Let go..

REST in Me.

I’ve got this. Give it to ME.

I have work to do… STOP getting in the way.

That last part seemed harsh from my God, but it changed the following years of my life, and still is an ongoing journey. And today, encountering the loss of this precious earring which would have immobilized me years prior, left me with an attitude of “letting it go” in this moment, and “giving it up” to God.

“God, you know where my lost earring is. I don’t want to stress about it. You know how much this gift means to me.”

and with that… I went about my day.

Three days later, after not having thought about the lost earring, I was adding some food to my China girls food dish in the back corner of the dining room when my eye caught the glint of something sparkly on the floor just passed the dog dish.

And there it was! In the most unlikely place I would have looked!

“Thank you Jesus” where the first words I uttered with an easy smile accompanying my words.

My God is in the little things as well as the biggest things. I had trusted Him with the biggest things in my life over the years, why not this lost earring?

Sometimes, God wants us to trust Him in the little things to show us He is trustworthy in the bigger things.

Leave it to Him… REST…. go about your day…. He loves us THAT much.

And that is just the beginning.

I learned a lesson that day. I realized how my life had changed in the way I had responded to even the smallest of things, by walking through the biggest of things with my God.

Today, no matter what you are going through…. the biggest things or the smallest things, know that God wants you to trust Him as much in the smallest of things as the biggest of things.

He cared about my lost earring.

He cares about YOUR “lost earring..”